uu: Here’s to You, Mrs. Byrne (Answers)

uliginose. adj. Having a deep, mellifluent quality (said of speech).
Judith Schrier

uliginose. n. A trisaccharide, C_{18}H_{32}O_{16}, found especially in beets and, to a lesser degree, in carrots and parsnips. [

uliginose. adj. Growing separate above-ground stalks from a common root system.
Jim Moskowitz (this received four votes, and Jim voted for the real definition, giving Jim five points total and making him the winner of the round)

uliginose. adj. In a state of incomplete or temporary inability to change color, as in chameleons.
Fran Poodry

uliginose. adj. Loose-boned, limber.
David Randall

uliginose. adj. Irregular and rounded in shape, as a baroque pearl.
Joshua Mackay-Smith

uliginose. adj. Having a tongue fused to the bottom of the mouth, and thus being unable to speak.
Melissa Shaner

uliginose. adj. Muddy, or growing in muddy places.
the real definition, slightly paraphrased from Mrs. Byrne's Dictionary

uliginose. n. A sugar (C9H18O9) occurring in decayed vegetable matter and in trace amounts in low-grade forms of coal.
Jean-Joseph Cote

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