zz: Hidden X Term for Puzzlement (7, 9) (Answers)

Save father unusual present on his day (10)
aftershave: "save father" unusual (anagrammed) = a present given on Father's Day

Inspire half-breeds with two articles (7)
breathe: inspire = half of "breeds" (bre) + a + the

Painter's heard to move camera (5)
dolly: Dali = sounds like dolly

Tin gift strangely appropriate (7)
fitting: "tin gift" strangely (anagrammed) = appropriate

Gremlin in aft of zeppelin (3)
imp: gremlin = aft (end) of blimp

Messy porn is a requirement (4)
must: messy (anagrammed) "smut" = a requirement

Exit discount store (6)
outlet: exit = discount store

Utter only half of puns read (4)
pure: utter = (first) halves of words "puns read"

scan: search = "sn" around (containing) "ca" (circa = about)

Shrill sound affected his welt (7)
whistle: shrill sound = affected (anagrammed) "his welt"

Pimple on woman's old plaything (6)
zither: zit + her = old plaything (thing to play (music) on). And by the way, zz is really for zzither.

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