United We Stand

Jon Carroll's column today is again particularly worth reading. His tag line for today is: "Looking into the face of hate, trying to form a coherent reply." He's responding to a couple of astonishingly venomous anti-Islamic letters he received last week.

Kam tells me that the center for Islamic studies near her has taken down their sign, at the advice of the police. On the other hand, someone who works there told her that they've received dozens of messages of support.

Last week I saw an article that mentioned a guy associated with an Islamic anti-defamation group in NYC who had received something like 200 death threats in the first couple days after the attack. ...I'm probably bungling all the details, and I didn't keep the URL, oops.

Pigs' blood being thrown on mosque doorways.

Some good, some bad. Some people meeting hatred with hatred, others going out of their way to show support. Lots of people have been putting up signs saying "United We Stand"; I wonder how many of them include American Muslims in that unity. I applaud those who do. The rest of that phrase, which people aren't saying, goes: "Divided, we fall."

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