Clean clean

I told Kam that one of my goals for this weekend was to clean my apartment. I didn't really believe it when I said it; that's been one of my goals for ages. But then she offered to help.

So yesterday we cleaned the kitchen and got a good start on the living room. Kam did an enormous number of dishes—it's the first time all the dishes in the apt have been clean at once in I'm embarrassed to admit how long. (Contrary to popular belief, I do do dishes now and then. But getting through all of them at once generally requires outside assistance, like Kam or Beth or Mary Anne.)

(I considered not mentioning this here, in order to surprise Mary Anne when she visits next month, but what are the chances I'll be able to keep the place in any sort of reasonable shape 'til she visits?)

Next step is to get all my books off the living room floor and onto shelves. (I've got plenty of open bookshelf space; just not in the right places. That can be fixed.) It's sad but probably inevitable that I'm adding to my not-read-yet bookcase faster than I'm removing from it.

After that, paying all the bills that are now neatly stacked on the kitchen table, and then making an attempt on the drifts of kipple that obscure my bedroom floor. Ha. Like that'll happen.

I know people who think better and work better when their surroundings are clean. Me, I generally just can't be bothered to clean up; it's always the lowest priority on my too-long to-do list.

So thanks, Kam! Not just for doing the dishes, but for getting me moving.

Friends is good things to have. That's my theory, anyway.

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