Editing all day long

Time out from reading submissions to say:

Edited much of the day Saturday, before going to the party. Got home a little before 1 a.m., edited until 3:30. Slept for about five hours. Edited much of the day Sunday. (Had some caffeine Sunday morning to get me going; desperate times call for desperate measures.) Also read submissions. Didn't do the story rewrite I need to do for workshop. Got more or less enough sleep last night, or what would've been enough sleep if I hadn't been seriously short on sleep to start. Spent all day today at work doing a different kind of editing: UI review, in which we look at every word, phrase, sentence, label, and other piece of text in the product, and try to make sure that they're grammatical, clear, spelled and punctuated correctly, that they're capitalized according to our rules, that they use terminology consistently. I spent much of the past couple weeks doing various aspects of UI review, and will spend much of the next week continuing it. Interspersed with doing peer reviews, where I look at my co-writers' chapters and make comments and suggest changes and improvements.

Which pretty much means that I spend all of my time editing these days, both at work and at home. Except when I'm sleeping.

Well, okay, so it's not that bad. I've been doing some socializing. I even saw Harry Potter last night. But that's a separate entry.

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