Gay Escapade

If you decide that you want to take a last-minute vacation, you could do worse than to take a look at American Airlines Vacations Last-Minute Getaways. And if you happen to decide that you want to leave, say, next weekend, from San Francisco, and you look at what vacation packages are available, you'd get a page which lists a series of vacation packages, in ascending order of price. The cheapest is Los Angeles; second on the list is West Hollywood, a package whose title is "Gay Escapade." The quickie blurb on that page just says "Groove your fresh stuff in all the West Hollywood hot spots on Santa Monica Boulevard," but if you follow the link, you get a bunch more info about a gay-friendly vacation package in West Hollywood, complete with photos of same-sex couples enjoying themselves. (No, not enjoying themselves like that.)

It's all very low-key and matter-of-fact, which I find pleasing and charming. And yes, the package is available from places other than San Francisco; it's just that from other cities it's a longer flight, so it costs more, so it doesn't appear quite so prominently in the list.

Yay, American!

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