The latest Interzone arrived today (December 2001 issue, so I no longer have any excuse to put off doing my Hugo nominations), and it contains a story by David D. Levine titled "Nucleon." It's a good story, and it just won the James White Award for best unpublished short story; the judges were unanimous in their praise for it. David's getting published all over the place in 2002; cool beans.

And that reminds me to mention two other pieces of award information, one a bit belated and one more recent:

Older news: Ken Wharton's first novel Divine Intervention (which we attended the book launch party for some weeks back) is up for the Philip K. Dick Award for best paperbook original. Nifty.

Newer news: Susan Lee (editor of Speculations, fellow workshopper, and former SH co-editor—not to be confused with Susan Marie Groppi, current SH co-editor) just won first place in the latest Writers of the Future contest! Way cool.

I admit to being just the tiniest bit starstruck. To have friends and people I've met and talked with being nominated for, and winning, and for that matter judging(!), awards is just plain cool. I'm still a fanboy at heart. Perhaps over time I'll get jaded, but I expect it to take a while.

Btw, Locus has a cool Index to Science Fiction Awards, providing info and history for all sorts of awards.

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