Don’t quit your day job, John

I'm sorely disappointed in my usual sources for not telling me about John Ashcroft's stirring rendition of his song "Let the Eagle Soar." (Perhaps they figured that anyone who paid any attention to the news would already know about it; probably y'all already know about it. But I couldn't resist posting the link.) Surely destined to be remembered as one of the classic patriotic songs, or at least one of the goofiest moments in modern American political history.

But I suppose if Clinton can play the saxophone on TV, Ashcroft can use his position to attempt to launch a career as a singer/songwriter. "Yo, record companies: sign me, and I'll prosecute all violations of the DMCA."

If nothing else, I'm sure that this song will allow Ashcroft to join the ranks of such singing luminaries as William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. Swarthmore's radio game show "Botticelli" used to play Shatner and Nimoy records whenever too much time passed without callers; now they can add Ashcroft.

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