Those concerned about my mental health may be pleased to know that I actually got about 7 hours of sleep last night. That would normally be plenty; of course, it doesn't help me catch up on sleep debt, but definitely an improvement. And an outlook improvement as well; been relatively cheerful for much of the day.

And I solved a minor mystery just now, at least partly. Three of the mysterious sound clips that showed up in iTunes the other day turn out to be sound clips from the Strange Horizons music department (because I downloaded the whole site to my disk recently); the other mysterious sound clip turns out to be a sample that came with software called MusicMatch Jukebox. This doesn't entirely solve the mystery, though, because I have no memory of having installed MusicMatch Jukebox, or even why I might have wanted to do so, since iTunes seems to do pretty much everything it does (on a brief inspection) and runs in OS X.

Sadly, not gonna make it to my grandfather's birthday party this weekend; too much work to do. But I'm gonna try to head up there at some point in the next few weeks if I can.

Tonight: home, dinner, read submissions, edit like a banshee.

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