Susan's right about one thing: it can't be mid-March yet. Where has the year gone?

But I'm afraid she's wrong about another thing: not everyone likes Thin Mints.

I realize this will cement my burgeoning reputation as The Guy Who Hates Everything. But mint and chocolate just don't go together for me.

I love chocolate. I like mint. (Though more in the abstract than in specific; I might be hard-pressed to name five minty things that I consume regularly.) But mint and chocolate? Just not interested.

Rather than look at me in horror, just remember that that means there's more for the rest of you.

Peanut butter, though, peanut butter is a different story. Do-si-dos are yummy. I ordered a couple boxes of them at work, but the cookies fell off the truck (literally!) and were not delivered. Sadness. Especially because had I known sooner, I'd have bought some from the girl scouts at LAX.

I had a brainstorm just now: buy girl scout cookies online! Unfortunately, "for safety and security reasons," the GS National Board of Directors has made a rule against selling cookies online. I kid you not.

On the plus side, did you know that girl scout cookies are all kosher? You probably did, at least if it matters to you. Never mind.

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