What I want

At some point I'm going to revise our submission guidelines. In the mean time, some notes on kinds of stories I'd like to see more of. The basic problem with encouraging any of these things, of course, is that most stories that deal with these issues fail to consider the complexity of them, try to reduce everything to a simplistic dichotomy.

  • Stories exploring gender issues. We got almost none of these for our first six months or so, and relatively few since then. Of course, these are difficult issues to explore, and perhaps even more difficult to explore in fiction, without heavy-handed morals, in ways that haven't been done before. But I can hope.
  • Stories exploring body-image issues. We've had very few of these, and most of the ones we've seen haven't done enough that was new or unusual. Again, it's hard to write fiction about stuff like this that doesn't come across as being an essay in disguise, or moralizing. But I'm convinced it can be done well. Mary Anne's latest journal entry might make a good jumping-off point.
  • More stories with queer characters. We've printed a handful of such (including this week's lovely Kate Bachus story), but I'm always interested in more.

That'll do for now. Back to Hugo-picking and editing.

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