Private eyes

I wandered off to search for a concise definition of "new pulp," and happened across some mystery webzines. Somehow it hadn't occurred to me that there was such a thing—there are plenty of f/sf/horror webzines, and several lit-fic ones, but no extant romance ones that I can recall, and it never occurred to me to go looking for online mystery or western magazines.

Anyway, the most interesting page I came across is a page that answers the question What the hell is a Private Eye, anyway?. It provides an interesting comparison between "private detectives" (think Holmes) and "private eyes" (think Spade), and demonstrates that these kinds of subgenre-definition argument ("which promise spirited debate with little or no hope of consensus") aren't limited to the speculative fiction world.

(As for New Pulp in the speculative fiction world: in a posting in his author topic, Charlie once referred to "reclaiming heroic fantasy in a non-camp fashion"; I suppose if we insert "and science fiction" after "fantasy," that's as good a definition as any.)

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  1. Shannon

    For years as a kid I subscribed to “Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine” which published some of the best short stories I have ever read anywhere, many only loosely tied to the “genre” of mystery.

    Now that you mention it I am surprised that there is not more of a mystery genre presense on the web, I’ll have to go looking for it.


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