Spooky carousels and Strange Attraction

Those of you who've seen Lisa Snelling's remarkable and often spooky moving sculptures at conventions will know why you should go take a look at the new interview with Lisa Snelling at SF Crowsnest. Others should go look at the interview to see a couple of photos of parts of her work, though they don't do justice to the real thing.

The main thing I didn't know about (or had forgotten) is that she illustrated an anthology called Strange Attraction, featuring 24 authors (including Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, Neil Gaiman, John Shirley, and Gene Wolfe) writing stories and poems based on characters in one of Snelling's art pieces. Nifty.

One Response to “Spooky carousels and Strange Attraction”

  1. Jason Erik Lundberg

    Thanks for the link to the interview, Jed. Lisa’s a phenomenal artist and a good person. I wrote a story based on her life-sized “If Love’s a Fine Game, Hell’s a Good Joke”, and was in talks with her at point about collaborating on a graphic novel based on the story. But when I sat down to work on the script, it never wanted to be made, so that kinda fell apart. The Strange Attraction anthology, along with the kinetic sculpture it’s based on, is just stunning, and I was lucky to be at the panel at World Horror Con a few years ago when they were talking about it.


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