Stelvin closures

Those wacky Bonny Doon Vineyard folks (makers of Le Cigare Volant, a.k.a. the UFO wine—"as noir as anything out of James Cain, and as dark as a Huysmanian revel"—as well as Critique of Pure Riesling and other entertainingly named wines) are stirring up trouble again: they've changed over their Ca' del Solo Big House Red and Big House White to use "Stelvin closures," also known as screw caps, instead of corks.

If you're curious about why, you could read their FAQ. For example:

Q: How will my girl/boyfriend/companion feel when I whip out a bottle of Big House Red with a screwcap on an important date?

A: She/He will judge it just like anything else you might whip out. You will be judged on the quality, charm and manner of deployment rather than on the closure qua closure. They will also appreciate the convenience and lack of need for unnecessary equipment.

Alternatively, you could read their Top Ten Reasons for Using Screwcaps; and if that's not enough, there's Ten More Reasons for Using Screwcaps.

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