Are you?

Found art! A couple of sequences of spam subject lines when I sort by title:

  • Are you a junky? Are you Buried in Bills? Are you happy? Are you hard at work? Are you looking for easier hair removal? Are You one of Them??? Are you sincere When you say, "I Love You." Are you thinking "can I really increase my size and be a better lover?" Are your repayments becoming unmanageable? Arnold for Govenor???
  • Can a man have multiple orgasms? Can I make it up to you? Can we do lunch? Can you measure up? can't get it up? cars are covered, why aren't you?

(I'm obliquely reminded of one of my favorites of my columns: What They Did: The Movie.)

2 Responses to “Are you?”

  1. Rachel Heslin

    Okay, the “cars are covered, why aren’t you?” in the middle of the sex talk is pretty amusing — apropos in an oblique sort of way.

  2. David Moles

    If only car covers were a lot more prevalent than they really are, that could be the cornerstone of a safe sex education campaign.

    (And in the right market, “You’re covered, why isn’t your car?” could be. . . okay, it probably couldn’t.)


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