The workshop was fun, and good. It was populated by cool people. Yay, cool people!

I'm home now. I'm recovering from Net withdrawal. I'm dealing with 800+ new emails. (They're mostly spam, of course.)

One of our exercises involved short sentences. Specifically, using sentences under eight words long. Not too hard with fragments. But no fragments were allowed. Sentences were to include subject and verb.

Thinking is hard. Thinking in long sentences is harder. I'm sticking to short sentences for now.

Off I go to edit. Later, I intend to sleep.

One Response to “Sleepy”

  1. Will

    It is yet more of a trick if you stick to words of just one part (no long words with more parts). There are some things you can say with ease. There are some things you can’t. This is fun if friends are near sleep while a game is played, like the one with sheep and rocks which some folks can play in their sleep. One roll in six, the dice are hard to say out loud: “six and one”, “five and two”, or “three and four” must be said, as “sev-” has two parts. Fred and I would do this a lot.


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