Spam of the day

Occasionally I glance at a piece of suspected spam just to be sure it's spam. Sometimes it's so wacky that I have to read the whole thing. Case in point:

Subject: Re: Jed - Hope at the moment he unhappily has painful problems! - NuW4KwDGZEPZi2tfjd

Hi there Jed!

I believe you know Paul Jatter? 100% he sorry to say has hard nuisances! Look at this site to help him!

http://[url deleted by Jed, but it started with ""]

Yours faithfully, Isabel Fulltone.


Nice unexpected wide-reaching plus from Tessa or your playmate and playmate David Danson.

To stop from this good swift universal tips, send any email at 1OO% Free here prized Jed: mailto:[Ukrainian email address deleted by Jed]

I'm very sorry to hear that Paul Jatter has hard nuisances, and I'm intrigued by the notion of stopping from this good swift universal tips, but I'm afraid I'm too busy to visit their site at the moment.

3 Responses to “Spam of the day”

  1. naomi_traveller

    I much like the phrase “prized Jed”.

    Also, “good swift universal tips” sounds like something that the comapny i work for would benefit from…

    -naomi (having just escaped a meeting of unusual pointlessness)

  2. John B

    Are these spams generated by less that elegant computer programs or written by “english is a second language people”?

    I just wondered if the spammers were now identifying two or three catch phrases that their audience may respond to, and auto creating an email.

  3. Hannah

    Is that as opposed to being happy with your painful problems?


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