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I thought about going to Consonance, the Bay Area's filk con, this year, but I forgot that it was gonna be this weekend. I had a lot to read today, and a lot to do tomorrow, and I thought the con would probably be more stressful than relaxing in my current mood. It's funny—my congoing paradigm has changed drastically in the past few years, to the point where a large part of the attraction these days is socializing with friends. And at most of the cons I go to, there are plenty of friends to socialize with. But in the filk world, I don't really have anything to offer except a listening ear and some applause; nobody knows who I am, and I don't know most of them, despite having hung out with them at cons on and off for nearly the past twenty years. I don't have any basis for interacting with them.

It was fun to go to Consonance with Cat and Callie in years past, 'cause they're fairly big names in the filk world, and I could tag along and bask in their reflected glory. And, of course, hang out with them, and listen to their performances. But when Cat stopped being able to make it to Consonance, I sort of drifted away. I'm still interested in going, in the abstract, but the activation energy required is a lot higher now. And at non-filk-specific cons, I never make it to filking any more—too much socializing to do.

But I'm having my own mini-con at home tonight, by listening to the new Echo's Children album, From the Hazel Tree, which I finally ordered last week; Callie sent it to me just in time for it to act as a sort of mini stand-in for Consonance.

My favorites so far from the album are "Columbia" and "High Frontier"; a good combination, sad and inspirational for space enthusiasts.

I'm also partial to "The Spotted Goat," which manages to pack an entertaining deal-with-the-devil story into only 230 words (and that's counting two repetitions of the chorus).

Anyway, thanks, Cat and Callie!

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