Robot Stories

We're back from Robot Stories. I'll write a real review of it at some point, but I wanted to briefly note that it's really good and well worth seeing. It's showing through this coming Thursday, April 22, in San Francisco and Berkeley; it's also in Pittsburgh, PA, through the 22nd. After that it goes to Ithaca, NY, and Portland, OR; then Philadelphia, Boulder, Columbus, and various other places. See the screenings page for specific showtimes and locations.

Thanks again for telling us about it and arranging the outing, Dan!

And in case anyone associated with the film is watching referrer logs on the website and follows the link back to this: hi! Thanks for the movie—good stuff.

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  1. Greg Pak

    Hey, “Robot Stories” director Greg Pak here. I did indeed check the referrer logs and found your site! Many thanks for coming to see the film, and for blogging about it. The opening weekend was fantastic — turnout was great and got us a second week. So if you haven’t seen the film yet, you still can this weekend — at the Opera Plaza in SF and the California in Berkeley. Full scoop at

    Thanks again!


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