Raising the bar

It's been a couple weeks since I did an assorted-items sweep, and I've got lots of tidbits piled up waiting to be posted. However, an item passed along by Will deserves an entry of its own: a column (?) from the July 2004 issue of Orange County Lawyer magazine, written by Justice William W. Bedsworth, titled "Planes, Trains and . . . Cows." Excerpt:

My dream was less Homeric than Hemingway’s. I figured with my talent, I needed to set the bar lower. Setting it on the ground seemed appropriate, but I was afraid if the bar were lying in the dirt, others might have difficulty recognizing it as a bar and trip over it, exposing me and the state to civil liability. So I set it about ankle high.

He proceeds to discuss a recent Ohio opinion concerning cows and motor vehicles that is truly a masterpiece of legal decisionmaking. He's a funny writer, too. Go read it.

3 Responses to “Raising the bar”

  1. Will

    This is just the latest installment of a monthly column (entitled “A Criminal Waste of Space”) which Bedsworth has been writing since 1981. (A collection is available in book form.) They’re all good, says Kelly. I just discovered Bedsworth myself a few weeks ago through one of Howard Bashman’s excellent 20 Questions for an Appellate Judge columns.

  2. Twig

    That was quite funny. Thank you.

  3. Kathleen

    Thanks, that was really really funny. I shared it with Robert, Sonya, and Kat in the car on Friday, and Sonya predicted the “outcome” of the decision (that a cow is not a vehicle because it has no wheels) before I got there. The law is weird.


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