Impending Hugo deadline

One of the things I keep meaning to mention is that the voting deadline for the Hugo Awards is nearly upon us: this coming Saturday, July 31, is the last day to vote, and you have to be a member of Noreascon by that date if you want to vote. Also, if you want to vote online you'll need to know your PIN before then; if you don't have one or can't find yours, contact the Hugo administrators ASAP.

I've read most of the short fiction (two novellas to go), and seen all but one of the movies (I still haven't decided whether to see 28 Days Later, but there's probably no chance I'll see it before the voting deadline), and have a pretty good idea what my votes are going to be in the other categories. If you haven't read the short fiction but want to, remember that you can read all of it for free online by following links from the nominees page.

I have not yet decided what to vote for in the Retro-Hugos; too much good stuff. Though Zed mentioned the other day that he's been re-reading the novels and finding that they aren't as good as he remembered. Anyway, if you too are having difficulty deciding, or even if you're just interested in the state of the sf world circa 1953, you could do worse than check out Howard Waldrop's quasiblog; three columns so far about this year's Retro-Hugos, with probably one more to go. (My link there is to the first column in the Retro-Hugo series.) My only cavil is that he puts a lot more weight than I would on the idea of voting for a work because of wanting the author to get an award; I usually vote for the work I like best regardless of author.

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