Knock knock

Mary Anne told me this knock-knock joke recently, and it instantly became my favorite knock-knock joke:

Ralph: Knock knock.

Sally: Who's there?

Ralph: Control freak. —Now you say "Control freak who?"

I've been telling that one a lot lately.

13 Responses to “Knock knock”

  1. metasilk

    *chuckle!* Immediately shared with my sister.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Credit where credit is due — the fabulous Debbie Notkin told it to me. 🙂

  3. Twig

    It made me laugh when you told it to me. Heck, it made me laugh again, reading it today. Forgot to tell it to anyone yesterday. I’ll have to fix that today.

  4. Joe

    I like that, though I think it only ranks as my third favorite knock-knock joke. Unfortunately, neither of the other two translate particularly well to a written medium. But if you happen to know them, I’ll say that they’re the “Interrupting Cow” one and the “You start” one. If you don’t know them, ask me some time.

  5. Jacob

    Joe: My wife likes to tell the Interrupting Cow one as “Interrupting Pterodactyl”, with a subsequent sound effect that has to be heard to be believed.

    I suspect she will like Jed’s a lot too — I’ll tell it to her tonight.

  6. Jed

    Yeah, “interrupting cow” and “you start” are my other two favorites (though for the latter I prefer the phrasing “Say knock-knock”). But I like this one best.

  7. Beth

    I love the Interrupting Cow joke! There’s also an Interrupting Giraffe joke with a completely visual punchline.

    And yes, the “Say knock-knock” version is my favorite. I was quite pleased when I managed to include that one in a story.

  8. Benjamin Rosenbaum

    Your’e killing me here: how does the “say knock knock” joke go?? Someone needs to call me up and tell it to me.

    I related my daughter Aviva’s surreal style of knock-knock jokes on Mary Anne’s journal comments earlier. She is also fond of being told the Banana/Orange one.

  9. Shmuel

    “Say ‘knock knock.'”

    “Knock knock.”

    “Who’s there?”


  10. Anonymous

    I love this joke, too, but how much do you hate the people who don’t get it and actually say “Control freak who?” Infuriating.

  11. Micheal W

    They did a great Knock Knock variation on the classic TV show MASH:
    Hawkeye Pierce: “Knock, knock.”
    Trapper John: “Who’s there?”
    Hawkeye: “Abe Lincoln.”
    Trapper: “Abe Lincoln who?”
    Hawkeye: “Don’t you know me?”

    Trapper: “That’s awful.”
    Hawkeye: “Can I do another one?”
    Trapper (angry now): “No!”
    Hawkeye: “Knock knock.”
    Trapper: “Who’s there!?”
    Hawkeye: “Thomas Jeferson.”
    Trapper: “Thomas Jefferson who?”
    Hawkeye: “Was Abe Lincoln just here?”

    Trapper: “Hawkeye, I never liked you.”

  12. Tiara B.

    hey michael w
    you wouldn’t happen to know which episode that was would you? i can’t remeber the name of it and have been looking everywhere.

  13. Kc

    nice one!!! ♥♥ ur great at telling jokes!!♥♥


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