Gay Republican on $5 bill

The LA Weekly has a (politically motivated) article on the long-delayed but now-upcoming book The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln. In the book, Dr. C A. Tripp (one of Kinsey's colleagues), presents a bunch of evidence that Abraham Lincoln was gay.

The Straight Dope also covered the topic of Lincoln's sexual orientation earlier this year; at the time, Cecil Adams said (basically) that the jury was still out.

It'll be interesting to see how convincing Tripp's book is to scholars when it's published next spring. It sounds like he has a lot of evidence; but it also sounds like a lot of the evidence is circumstantial. Intriguing idea, anyway, and one that (although apparently it's been in circulation for a while; hence the name of the Log Cabin Republicans) I hadn't encountered before.

2 Responses to “Gay Republican on $5 bill”

  1. supergee

    So now we’re going to say, “Queer as a *five*-dollar bill”?

  2. David Moles

    Further evidence that the party of Lincoln is no longer the party of Lincoln.


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