Yesterday at work

Turns out a bunch of the writers at work use Dreamweaver, or are interested in doing so. They've been asking me questions about how to do various things, whether various things are possible, etc. So I put together a tips presentation, showing things from how to edit keyboard shortcuts to how to change the formatting preferences for a tag, and I presented it yesterday morning.

It went over very well. When I showed how to add a keyboard shortcut to a code snippet, there was a chorus of delighted "oooh!"s and gasps. Most gratifying. And I've got enough unused material left over to fill at least one more session. Dreamweaver is a big and very useful app, full of cool tools and features, but alas, not all of the features are easy to find.

Yesterday evening I went to juggle with the jugglers, but I think various people showed up at different times and missed each other. There was only one other guy there when I was there. But that was cool too; we chatted some, and he gave me some useful tips on the 3-ball Mills Mess. (He's an extremely good juggler; I was embarrassed to admit to him that I've been juggling for fifteen years, given my intermediate-beginner-level abilities. And actually now that I think of it it's been more like twenty years. Yikes.) Though today, looking at various animations (computer-generated animation, controllable Flash animations) and instructions, I wonder if he might've been showing me what one site calls the "Boston Mess" instead. Anyway, he gave me a conceptual framework to hang it on, which was what I needed most; I don't have it down yet, but I'm beginning to get the idea. Clearly practicing with other jugglers is a much better way to learn things than not practicing at all. (Well, it's also better than practicing alone.)

4 Responses to “Yesterday at work”

  1. Greg van Eekhout

    Wow, it’s so rare for someone to blog about a good day at work. May you have many more.

  2. Jed

    Ironically enough, Tuesday at work was pretty bad, in a variety of ways. I occasionally think things are beginning to go fairly well there, and then work whaps me upside the head. But at least last night was good—had a good editorial meeting, then watched a couple episodes of West Wing.

  3. SarahP

    A good friend of mine is a juggler and he has, in practice, kept ten balls in the air; he’s done nine in competition. The interesting thing is, he’s a mathematician, which I wouldn’t have put together with juggling but it turns out that juggling at that level involves some complex patterning that math people seem to take to. Kewl!

    Sorry to hear about your bad day at work. My day started out great, got lots done, even got a sort-of commendation letter from the UI prez; then ran into a colleague later at the mall and it turns out I completely forgot two big things I was supposed to do, so my work day ended up terrible. Yargh!!

  4. Twig

    juggling = cool

    One of those skills I don’t seem to be very good at (ok, so I’ve never practiced), but love watching.


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