Delivered to my door

After this morning's two phone calls from DHL and the update on their tracking page (see my comment on the previous Dell/DHL entry), I had high hopes that the monitor would arrive today; and in fact it did. Yay!

It's much larger and much lighter than my old one. It's crisp and huge and bright and colorful and I am very happy with it.

After setting it up, I went and looked in the mailbox and lo! there was the latest issue of SWAPA! (The APA I'm in.) This issue was mailed exactly two weeks ago from Boston, right around the time of the blizzard. The envelope was somewhat battered and rather dirty, and torn in a couple of places (I almost wrote "had tears in it" but that could be misread), but the SWAPA inside was in perfect condition. I wonder what sad and forlorn corner of the post office it's been lingering in. (Another recent piece of papermail from Boston, mailed around the same time, took 10 days to arrive.) Ah, well; can't complain, given that it usually only takes three days (one of which is a Sunday) to get from Boston to me.

Let me pause here for a moment to appreciate the near-miraculousness of our various mail/delivery systems; the fact that I can order a product from the comfort of my own home and have it show up at my door a few days later, having been carried hundreds or thousands of miles at a rapid pace by people who don't know me—that's pretty amazing.

I thought I had more to say, but I was probably just trying to avoid the inevitable moment when I need to go read submissions. Have I mentioned that we've had a lot of submissions lately? (I suppose those are even more miraculous, given that they show up at my virtual door without my even having to order them.) Off I go to read them.

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