Home sick

I never sleep particularly well, but the ways in which I don't sleep well vary over time. The latest version, over the past few weeks, has been somewhat unusual for me: I go to bed too late (yes, I know, that part's under my control), then about five hours later I wake up. And then I generally fall back asleep again, something I never used to be able to do. And so my total hours of sleep each night are more than they've usually been in the past, which is great. Except that the interrupted sleep doesn't seem to be working nearly as well as uninterrupted sleep; I end up feeling like I only got about five hours' sleep even after I get more.

(I mentioned some of this to my manager yesterday in a one-on-one (my third meeting with him since I started), and he commented something about the difficulties of having small children, and I realized that of course it was dumb of me to complain about interrupted sleep to people with small children. I suspect that quite a few of y'all reading this would consider five uninterrupted hours of sleep to be sheer bliss. So I'm not really complaining per se; just explaining.)

Anyway. Last night I went to bed utterly exhausted, a little earlier than I've usually managed lately; but for reasons not worth going into, I slept very poorly, with lots of bad dreams, and woke up several times. Finally at around 7:30 I was awake enough to resolve the external problem I'd been fretting about, and went back to sleep for a couple more hours, but even after fully waking up later I was still groggy and muzzybrained and generally under the weather, with vague hints of nose and/or throat issues. I eventually went in to work just long enough to grab my work computer and bring it home. Given that I'm having a hard time typing simple words, though, I suspect that my day will mostly be spent lying down and/or napping and/or drinking orange juice. It's really pretty remarkable that I haven't come down with anything before now, given how much exposure I've had to various of the Dread Diseases that've been passing through the area lately.

I may have just enough awakeness to be able to go read some blogs, though. (For example, I can do a long-delayed catch-up reading of Dan's Position of Ignorance, including his thorough review of the Earthsea miniseries and his recent discussions of game design.) Or watch a movie. Maybe I'll even call Karen, seeing as how it's her birthday today and all. Happy birthday, Karen!

. . . In unrelated news, the juggling clubs I ordered three weeks ago (which were originally supposed to be completed and mailed out 7-10 days after I ordered them) are still in progress. Apparently the guy who makes the clubs has been out sick and/or on vacation, and the current batch of tape they're using to make the clubs doesn't stick very well. In theory, they may go out tomorrow. Or they may not. We'll see. I had no idea that making these clubs was such a time-intensive process, or I might have ordered fewer of them. It must not normally take this long to make 'em, 'cause even though they're fairly expensive, the hourly rate by now (dividing the amount I'm paying them by the number of hours it's taking to make them) must be way below minimum wage.

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