Stumbling through the day

I initially wrote "Stumblign", and considered leaving it like that, as an accurate reflection of my state of consciousness.

Still, or again, sick. Thinking is like stumbling through a dense sea of cotton. Throat is slightly sore; not enough by itself to stop me from going to work, but I'm not sure I would be safe operating a bicycle or car, even for the short ride to work.

Spent much of yesterday basically staring at the computer screen and zoning out. (No, not quite literally, but close. I could only manage to focus enough to do repetitive no-brain-required tasks, like entering story info into the SH database.) David H left, and came back a couple hours later, and I was still sitting in the same place. This happened several times. I somehow couldn't manage the energy to move from the computer chair to the bed three feet away so I could nap.

Today, my goal is to nap. I received an email message an hour ago from a very nice woman claiming to be named Angelica; I'm not sure why she was sending me prices for "PI||S" and "PiLlS", but the subject line said "Go to sleep," and I think that was very wise advice, and most kind of her to suggest it. I think sleeping is a goal we can all really unite behind.

But before I go, in honor of V-Day, here's a silly Geek Love Poem T-Shirt.

Oh, and happy Arizona Statehood Day!

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