Spam notes

Noted in passing: got spam this morning from one Ereshkigal Browne. Who knew that the goddess of the underworld had gone into the Viagra/Valium/Cialis business? (I think I first encountered her name in one of the Ruby series—Ruby 3, maybe?—from ZBS, so when I see it written down I always hear it with the odd intonation they used: "eRISHHHHH . . . kihGAHL.")

Unrelatedly, best irrelevant quote I've seen in spam lately: "It is unbecoming for young men to utter maxims." I hope some of y'all young men will adopt that as your motto. (Apparently it's from Aristotle, but I hadn't heard it before.)

Edited to add (hoping this doesn't cause two entries in LJ; sorry if it does) that there seem to be an awful lot of young Texan ladies named Julie who would like me to look at their webcams. I'm guessing that there's a Julies-with-webcams club in Texas, and that they liked my site so much that they thought they'd ask me to review their images. I'm flattered, but alas, I don't have time to look at every webcam that comes my way. : )

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  1. Twig

    Single LJ entry. No worries. And I am most heartily amused at the Julies-with-webcams club concept.

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