Wrapping up WorldCon

In case anyone hasn't heard yet, SH didn't win a Hugo last night.

But I'll say more about that, and assorted other WorldCon topics, later. I've been taking notes, but haven't turned them into even semi-coherent entries yet. Lots to say about Saturday and Sunday, but later.

The con is now over. It's been tiring, but not as exhausting as I usually find big cons, and (like the Hugo ceremony last night) it just flew by. Saturday evening I found myself thinking "Wait, the con can't be half-over yet, isn't it still Thursday?"

I'm currently relaxing and checking mail in my hotel lobby. Copied 98 photos from my camera to my computer just now, but as usual I'm reluctant to post any of 'em without permission of those photographed, and as usual I'll probably run out of steam before finishing the get-permission-and-post process. Sorry. If you see me in person, I'll happily show 'em to you.

Got a bunch of photos of people all dressed up at the Hugo reception, but I don't have any of me in my suit except the one with the Best Website nominees. If anyone else got a photo of me, couldja send it my way? Or feel free to post it and I can link to it.

I'll almost certainly post an obsessively detailed analysis of the Hugo voting numbers at some point. For now, I'll just mention that, though I'm disappointed that SH didn't win, I knew ahead of time that I wouldn't have any serious complaints about whatever the outcome was, because I honestly feel that all five nominees in that category were worthy of the award. I'm not just being polite or gracious; I really do think it was a solid set of sites. But more on that later as well, especially 'cause this morning I was on a panel about whether there should even be a Best Website Hugo. (And I somewhat altered my opinion about that question during the course of the panel, due to things the audience and panelists said. Tune in next week, or at least in a couple days, to find out what I mean by that mysterious comment! Ooh, mysterious!) (Ooh, punchy!)

In an hour or so I'm gonna go have dinner with Chance and Nancy P and Karin L. I think most of the other non-UK-residents I know here have left by now. I told Aynjel a few days ago that I would go visit the Necropolis with her on Tuesday (tomorrow), but I haven't seen her in a while, and I'm not sure where she's staying. If you see her, could you ask her to call the Corus hotel and leave a message for me? Thanks.

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  1. David Moles

    Have you got a decent shot of me and Chris Roberson that I can steal for my blog? Email it to me if you do.


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