Relaxation day

Last night: Never found Aynjel. Had a nice dinner with Chance and Nancy and Karin. Stayed up late writing email.

This morning, woke up at 10, groggily called C/N/K to let them know that I wasn't up to accompanying them to Stirling Castle. It sounded like fun, and the fact that there would be men in kilts was mighty tempting, but I realized that I just needed some solitary time today. And there were various things I ought to do, like finalizing edits on a couple upcoming stories, and seeing if I can find a way to print a cover letter so I can mail this submission to Interzone before leaving the UK. I was even going to try to get some work for my day job done today, maybe enough to be able to consider it not a vacation day (as I am now extremely low on vacation days). But then I decided to try sleeping a little longer, and didn't wake up 'til nearly 1 pm. Nearly 10 hours' sleep; haven't had that much in ages.

So I think today is a relaxation day. I'll still try and edit those stories and send the IZ sub, but will probably spend any remaining time writing journal entries and packing. I feel guilty about not going to see any of the local sights—this may be the only time I'll ever be in Glasgow, so it seems like I should take advantage of being here—but I think I'll be much happier if I listen to the part of me that is rebelling against any further social interaction and against the idea of traveling any further than is absolutely necessary today.

There will probably be several long journal entries in the near future.

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  1. SarahP

    Thanks for all the con-commentary, Jed!

    Good luck with the sub.


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