262,800 minutes

"Seasons of Love" (lyrics) was running through my head again just now (that's been happening a lot lately; it's very catchy), and I suddenly remembered: it's been six months as of today. Depending on how you measure; the half-year mark was Monday. (He died early Monday morning; we didn't find out until Tuesday morning.)

I have nothing profound or useful to say, and I'm late for work so I need to go anyway. But I thought it was worth mentioning.

Thank you again to all who've helped me get through these past months.

One Response to “262,800 minutes”

  1. Debby B.

    I knew you had a journal but never read it before that day. Now I’ve become an avid, perhaps obsessive reader. I look forward to it all day long. You know how some people say “I’m praying for you”? Well, as a secular person I say, “I’m thinking of you.” I am, all the time.


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