Item-blogging and social bookmarking

It occurred to me a couple of times recently that rather than try to find time to sort the vast flow of URLs I encounter into small thematic groupings so I can post tightly constructed sets of Items, I ought to do some kind of URLs-only blog. I kinda like how TNH and PNH do it: list of links over in a sidebar, and when you hover over one of them you get a brief comment. I was also considering trying out, kind of the ultimate extrapolation of the old bookmarks pages that people used to post in the early days of the web.

But who am I kidding? I don't think I'm capable of being as brief as TNH and PNH are in their sidebar. And I don't really like how looks.

So for now, I'm gonna stick with my old approach: entries with a long list of bullet items, perhaps themed or perhaps not.

But it does mean that there's a long gap between my encountering a URL and my posting it, unfortunately.

Anyway. Tonight's items are mostly a hodgepodge, but a few themes emerged, so I'll post them in (far too many) separate entries.

But while I'm talking about social bookmarking, here are a couple items from Wired:

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