Things that have made me laugh this morning

The morning's just barely begun, and already two things have made me laugh:

  • The last third of Jennifer Crusie's Manhunting. I was just telling Lola last night that this early Crusie book wasn't nearly as funny as some of her later ones, but then there was a bunch of funny and charming stuff toward the end.
  • The discussion about ocelots in the comments on Vardibidian's answers to twenty odd questions. Note especially how David manages two long sentences in which every word starts with a vowel. (V's answers to the questions are entertaining too, but I read those yesterday.)

One Response to “Things that have made me laugh this morning”

  1. Vardibidian

    Glad your day is going better than sandwich-on-the-floor. I must say, when I went ahead and answered twenty-odd questions, I didn’t foresee a whole lotta ocelot discussion…



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