Cuteness storm

Aaron pointed us to Cute Overload. It seems to be a mix of genuinely cute stuff and kind of creepy Beyond Ubercute stuff and kitschy quasi-cute stuff. Although I suppose the lines between those categories are different for different people. At any rate, there are some phenomenally cute photos of adorable baby furry animals and such. A couple of examples: Sugargliders (1st photo cute; 2nd photo cool but kinda scary); chipmunk eating peanut practically half its own size.

Anyway, so Cute Overload linked to Adorablog, a lot of which doesn't do much for me but I was tickled by the photo of sixteen baby pandas.

And Adorablog linked to The Daily Kitten, which I've linked to a couple of times before but I think it's a requirement to include a link to that anytime I'm posting links to cute photos.

2 Responses to “Cuteness storm”

  1. sairuh

    Oh, my those are Cuteness Personified. But then again, there are these adorable slippers

  2. Jenn Reese

    Aaaaah! My brain is exploding from cuteness overload! The chipmunk and the pandas really did me in.


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