WisCon memories?

Those of you who've ever attended WisCon, consider stopping by the WisCon nostalgia page and submitting responses to some questions about your WisCon experiences. This year is the 30th WisCon; they're doing a souvenir book that will be filled with, among other things, attendees' memories of WisCons past. The nostalgia page notes:

Comments submitted to this survey will be considered for publication in a special retrospective book published to celebrate WisCon's 30th convention. We're looking for recollections, anecdotes, serious reflections, lists, haiku ... anything, really, that captures some memories of your WisCon experiences. We need short comments and anecdotes, they don't have to be long. Please feel free to answer as many or as few of the questions listed below as you want. If you prefer to skip most of the questions and just write a paragraph (see question #11), that's fine too.

Deadline is February 1, which is 11 days from now, so act soon.

Speaking of WisCon, it sounds like this year's will be even more fabulous than usual (hard as that may be to believe). For example, take a look at the guest list: in addition to this year's guests of honor, Jane Yolen and Kate Wilhelm, almost all of the past guests of honor will be in attendance. That includes folks like (excerpted from the full list):

  • Eleanor A. Arnason (GoH at WisCon 28)
  • Lois McMaster Bujold (GoH at WisCon 17)
  • Pat Cadigan (GoH at WisCon 13)
  • Suzy McKee Charnas (GoH at WisCon 3)
  • Samuel R. Delany (GoH at WisCon 11)
  • Suzette Haden Elgin (GoH at WisCon 6 & 10)
  • Carol Emshwiller (GoH at WisCon 27)
  • Karen Joy Fowler (GoH at WisCon 18)
  • Nicola Griffith, if health allows (Special Guest at WisCon 19)
  • Nalo Hopkinson (GoH at WisCon 26)
  • Ellen Kushner (GoH at WisCon 22)
  • Ursula K. Le Guin (GoH at WisCon 20)
  • Vonda N. McIntyre (GoH at WisCon 2)
  • Pat Murphy (GoH at WisCon 15)
  • Kristine Kathryn Rusch (GoH at WisCon 17)
  • Mary Doria Russell (GoH at WisCon 23)
  • Delia Sherman (GoH at WisCon 22)
  • Joan D. Vinge (GoH at WisCon 4)

I plan to spend the convention being too intimidated by all these people I admire to actually speak with them.

And, of course, many of the usual fabulous less-famous people will be there too; yay! I admire y'all too; I'm just less star-struck by you than by the above list.

It occurs to me that I probably ought to confirm my belief that I have a membership already; I've heard rumors they're likely to sell out. Also, if you're going this year and you haven't yet done so, I recommend calling the Madison Concourse and reserving a hotel room soon.

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  1. Thida

    Thanks for telling us about this, Jed! It sounds really cool! In a leap of faith, I’ve signed up myself and both kids. No idea if I’ll able to go, but it’s worth a $47 bet.


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