Year’s Bests!

Various editors of the various Year's Best science fiction and fantasy volumes have started posting their tables of contents.

And there's something new and exciting from my point of view this year:

Gardner took three stories from SH this year for his Year's Best Science Fiction, after having reprinted a total of only one story of ours during the previous four years.

And Strahan/Haber (see further down on that same page) took two SH stories for their Fantasy: Best of 2005; they've never taken any of our stories before. (I think this may have been the first year when they saw anything we've published; in past years, for various reasons, I think we didn't send them anything. This is the series that started out edited by Silverberg & Haber.) (. . . Now I'm curious about the editorship, though: Amazon is showing the 2005 Fantasy volume as edited solely by Strahan, with the 2005 SF volume edited solely by Haber. Is that true?)

As far as I know, the ToCs of the Hartwell/Cramer Year's Bests haven't yet been posted, but I know they're reprinting at least one SH story as well. No idea about Ellen/Gavin/Kelly's YBF&H; judging by last year, I'm guessing it'll be another two or three weeks before that ToC is posted.

Interestingly, none of the 2005 SH reprints I know about so far are repeated between Year's Bests, so that makes at least six different stories being reprinted. I'm totally thrilled; the highest number of reprints in widely-distributed Year's Bests in any given past year was three.

Congratulations to the authors of the reprint stories!

We won't know about Honorable Mentions 'til August or so, when YBF&H and Gardner's YBSF come out. But I think I'll go ahead and update the awards page with reprint news as it becomes public.

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