About fifteen minutes from now as I type this will be the spring equinox. Yay spring!

(Or alternatively, yay fall for those of you down in the southern hemisphere.) (Updated to add: And sympathies to anyone hit by the Australian cyclone. I wasn't thinking; didn't mean to be flippant here.)

I think I'm still not ready to resume my old habit of posting a particular Swinburne verse; among other things, it's hard to say winter's rains are over when the sky outside my window is solidly gray and rough winds are shaking the darling buds of March.

On the other hand, the fact that those buds are there--the tree in my back yard suddenly burst into flower a couple weeks ago--is a definite plus. I don't like that tree much, especially in fall, but if I follow through on my vague plan to have it removed, maybe I ought to replace it with something else that will flower outside my window in the spring.

Anyway, if you want the Swinburne, plantgirl has posted it, so that's all fine. (And thanks for the reminder that it's today! I had been wondering when the equinox was but hadn't gotten around to looking it up.)

Hm. I can set the time of posting to whatever I want. I think I'll set it to the time of the equinox even though that's still ten minutes from now.

...I'm amused that when I went to assign a category to this entry, I discovered that I had no category for stuff about nature or seasons.

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