Sultan’s Elephant and Tyger

I keep seeing links to photos of "The Sultan's Elephant," but not to information about it. In case anyone else is wondering, Wikipedia has the scoop as usual; just follow that link for info.

Summary: It's a theatrical show featuring a giant elephant puppet and a crashed rocket and a bunch of other stuff, "commissioned to celebrate the centenary of Jules Verne's death." It was performed this past week in London. The full French title translates to "Visit From The Sultan Of The Indies On His Time-Traveling Elephant."

The Wikipedia entry has some more photos, including one of cars that have been "sewn to the pavement" with giant thread.

While I'm on the subject of puppetry (but otherwise unrelated to the above), you might take a look at a short partly-animated film called Tyger, vaguely inspired by William Blake's poem "The Tyger."

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  1. Jason Erik Lundberg

    Thanks for those links, Jed. I’ve been following the Elephant postings, photos, and video, and the Wikipedia page sums things up nicely.

    And wow, the “Tyger” short film is really amazing.


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