Twenty Epics

Do you like epic fiction, but don't have time to read the latest ten-thousand-page epic series?

Fear not! Twenty Epics, the new anthology of micro-epics (each one guaranteed to be under ten thousand words) edited by David Moles and Susan Marie Groppi, is now available for your delectation.

I, alas, have not yet read the book. But no less a luminary than John Scalzi, known reader, claims that it "kept [him] from going absolutely bugnut insane"--and what more, after all, can one ask of a book?

Furthermore, I briefly got to look at an advance galley of the book, and although I didn't have a chance to read the stories, I can say that as a physical artifact (perhaps the ancient and mysterious Tome Of Moles And Groppi, also known as TOMAG) it's lovely. Good design and layout, with a typeface to die for; the capital T is especially nice. Also, the index is a lot of fun.

If you set forth in an epic quest to find the book, you too will have but a short journey; it's available from Lulu and Amazon and (apparently) a bookstore in Connecticut New Jersey. All you need do is follow the mystical Link Of Followingness, provided above, and all will be clear.

Also, stop by David's virtual launch party for more links, including notes from some of the authors about their stories.

(And now I feel like I have to mention, for full disclosure, that the editors and several of the authors are friends of mine, and about half of the people involved have sold other stories to SH. But the main reason I'm posting about it is that I expect to enjoy the book and hope y'all will too.)

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