Clean drinking water for children

I really am on my way to bed, but wanted to post this before I forget:

I heard today about a new nonprofit called A Child's Right, which "provides water purification systems, along with water filtration units, water storage containers, and extensive hygiene education to orphanages, street shelters, schools and children's hospitals in locations with verified water issues [in impoverished nations throughout the world]."

They've developed a small and easily installed water purification system. They go to various sites and install the system (which apparently only takes a matter of hours to set up). In addition:

After installation, A Child's Right provides all sites with five years of spare parts, filters, UV bulbs, quartz sleeves, ballasts and any peripherals which the system depends on for proper functioning. As well, we spend several hours at each location training 3-5 staff members on the proper care and maintenance of the systems. We also provide ample literature, translated in the local language, and photos to provide step by step instructions on cleaning and maintaining the systems. To ensure thorough oversight, we also contact the sites routinely and assist with repeated water quality testing post-installation.

They're a small tightly focused organization. In February, they installed ten clean water systems in Nepal; later this month, they'll be installing nine systems in China (over the course of ten days, I think). I don't know all that much about them yet, but everything I heard today (from a family member who'll be participating in the China trip but who hasn't previously been involved with the organization) sounds really good. I've sent them some money, and expect to send them more after I hear how the China trip went.

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