WisCon and BitterCon online

For those at WisCon who want to see what everyone else is up to here without having to actually talk with them, and for those not at WisCon who either do or don't want to know how the con is going, here are some links:

  • Virtual WisCon, featuring a schedule, the at-con newsletter, a restaurant guide, etc. Handy even at the con if you prefer a computer to paper.
  • Blog entries tagged with the "wiscon" tag at Technorati--there have already been a couple dozen this year, mostly people preparing to leave for WisCon but a few already posted from the con. (Side note: I heard that some people arrived Wednesday.)
  • The WisCon LJ community, though I suspect that won't have so many posts during the weekend.
  • The BitterCon LJ community, open to everyone who's missing a convention anywhere this weekend, not just those who are missing WisCon.
  • Retrobabble on BitterCon 2007.
  • Lotusice describes BitterCon panels. This is probably my favorite BitterCon entry yet. Maybe those of us who can't attend BitterCon because we're at some convention should have a BitterBitterCon.

For anyone who doesn't know how to tag their entries: Technorati will pick up the tags used by some major journaling systems (like LJ), so in some cases all you have to do is just apply a tag named "wiscon" to your post. If that doesn't work, then after applying the tag, go to Technorati's ping page and give them the main URL of your journal (not the URL of the specific entry); your entries should show up not too long after.

If Technorati doesn't recognize the tag system used by your journal, or if your journal doesn't have a tag system, then follow the tagging instructions that I wrote up last year.

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