SH submission form broken

Our web host, Pair, upgraded our server on Thursday. As a result, for the past 48 hours, the Strange Horizons submission form has been telling authors that they'd submitted successfully when in fact their submissions have been vanishing into the ether.

We didn't notice this 'til late last night. I've now replaced the submission form with a note saying we're experiencing technical difficulties. I'm hoping to get things resolved and working again today, but I'll update the submission form page with status updates as things progress.

We apologize to anyone who's submitted since Thursday morning. You'll have to resubmit after our form is working again.

Unfortunately, only one of the people who've submitted since then has contacted us about not receiving an autoresponse.

So if you know anyone who's submitted in the past 48 hours, please tell them that we haven't received their submissions. And as always, anyone who has not received an autoresponse from us should query, because it usually means that we didn't receive your submission.

For anyone interested in details: the server upgrade apparently changed something subtle about the mail handling and/or about a Perl module having to do with mail (specifically Mail::Message), in such a way that our script is not experiencing an error but is nonetheless not successfully sending the submission to us.

UPDATE 12:08 p.m. California time: I believe I've fixed the problem. The submission form appears to be working again. Feel free to submit, but keep a close eye on your mailbox; if you don't get an autoresponse within 24 hours, please query immediately (as always). And all submissions sent between 7:20 a.m. on Thursday the 6th and 12:08 p.m. on Saturday the 8th (both California time) have been lost; if you submitted during that time, please resubmit. I'm sorry again for the inconvenience.

Technical details: It turns out that I was using $message->send;, which defaults to mailing via SMTP, and apparently that's not supported any more. I'm now using $message->send(via => 'qmail');, which seems to work fine. I probably could've tracked this down in 10 minutes were it not for some weird server errors that popped up right at the start of the debugging process, which resulted in my basically recreating the entire submission-processing system (copying a small block at a time from the old version to the new version, then cleaning up and testing each new block). I made a few behind-the-scenes improvements while I was at it, but I'm still annoyed to have spent three hours on this when the fix was so simple. Ah, well; at least it seems to be working now, knock on wood.

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