Southern California fire map

There are some maps online showing information about the various fires in Southern California. In particular:

Thanks to Google's Lat Long Blog for the links.

Also of potential interest: the Red Cross's Safe and Well List. Only 66 people have registered there in the past 24 hours--I'm guessing that not many of the 250,000 people who've been evacuated from their homes have Internet access at the moment--but it seems like a potentially useful resource.

4 Responses to “Southern California fire map”

  1. Anonymous

    I have to tell you, Google Maps have done wonders for my awareness of what’s going on. We live just to the north of the southernmost fire’s path, and folks due south are starting to get evacuation warnings. The KPBS map doesn’t quite have the latest yet, but when they do I expect to be just outside the yellow evac zone.

    While we had Google maps in 2003, they’re being very useful this time.

    Now if all of the local stations would just get all of the evacuation information out.

  2. David Moles

    The Google Maps stuff is nice for showing you where the evacuation areas are, but back in 2003 the Forest Service had really nice maps showing the actual fire area, and those seem to be gone now. Seems like you can get the raw satellite images, but not the processed data. Somebody’s grant must have run out, I guess. 🙁

  3. Alex Forencich

    This is what you’re looking for:

    Current image is 6PM, next will be 2AM (PST).

  4. Jon in Chicago

    I’ve created an interactive map of the fires in So Cal. It is available here:



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