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I'll do my end-of-year stats sometime soonish, but for now, just wanted to mention that we closed to subs shortly after midnight (US Eastern time) on Wednesday night, as planned.

We received 396 submissions in October, including 3 that came in just after the midnight deadline but before I managed to get the "we're closed" notice in place. After a certain amount of waffling, we decided to allow those three and to count them as part of October's total. It's less than 1% of the total, so it shouldn't throw my stats off too badly. Still, don't count on us making the same decision for late submissions for future closures.

Anyway, 396 subs puts this past month comfortably in second place on the list of highest volume months--that's 20 subs higher than the previous second-place month, this past June, which had 373. But October's total is still about 100 subs short of this past January's record (492), and I expect this coming January will probably bring us about 600 subs.

But enough on stats; like I said, more of those coming soon. For now, the important thing is this:

We won't have any more submissions coming in for two months!

I'm pretty excited about that.

We still have a fair bit of work to do, of course--reading and responding to everything that came in in October. But I'm hoping we'll be done with all that well before the end of November, and then there'll be a few weeks of no magazine duties but editing. Plus assorted administrative and programming tasks that I haven't had time or energy for lately.

Last year, we barely managed to finish responding to November's subs before January's deluge hit. It will be very very nice to have some real time off this year.

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  1. snickelish

    I always find these statistics interesting, Jed. Thanks for continuing to post them. And enjoy that time off, when you get to it. 🙂


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