How to annoy yourself

I just looked at the submission-processing code for SH, where I found the following comment:

    # I was going to add code here to deal with story titles in
    # all caps, but it turns out we almost never get those.
    # But I wrote the code, so I may add it at some point anyway.

I figured it was time to finally add this. So I went looking for the code that I allegedly wrote.

No sign of it anywhere.

What was I thinking? Did I set out intentionally to annoy my future self?

I wonder if Fermat felt like this when he looked back at his copy of Arithmetica a few years later.

(Added a few minutes later: found it! Whew. It was in my ~/bin directory, where I sometimes write Perl snippets. Not sure why the file didn't show up when I did a Spotlight search for a particular variable name that's in it.)

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