Submission update

The Strange Horizons fiction department has now responded to all stories submitted before 3 February 2008; if you or anyone you know sent us a story before that date and haven't heard back from us, please query.

As usual, this applies only to the fiction department.

In other news, the submission flood continues.

In February, we got 378 submissions (fourth highest-volume month ever), averaging 13 a day; that's up 12% from February of 2007.

Two days in early March were among our top 20 highest-volume days ever, and the first full week of March was the fourth-highest volume week ever, and was the highest-volume week that wasn't a first-week-of-January. (Nearly 17 submissions a day that week.)

Things have, thankfully, slowed down a bit in the past couple weeks; still, this month is going to have more subs total than last month (and only slightly fewer per day)--we're fairly likely to get 400 this month. We'll definitely be up more than 10% over March of 2007.

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