Infernokrusher programming language

Last fall, I happened across a piece I wrote in 1995 about a programming language to be called "C!!!" (pronounced "see bang bang bang").

It occurred to me that it seems to be the obvious language for use in infernokrusher programming. So obvious, in fact, that I may have mentioned it before, back in the heyday of infernokrushing. But I can't find any indication that I did so, and when I asked Ben, he didn't remember my mentioning it before, so I may as well link to it.

Has it been long enough that we can have a retro-infernokrusher movement, in which we all sit around nostalgically reminiscing about the good old infernokrusher days of 2005? After all, last year's Burning Man arson suggests that the world still longs for krushing and infernos.

(Wrote this in late October, 2007, but decided that given the wildfires that were going on, it wasn't the best possible time to post it.)

[Added later: I would, of course, be interested in hearing about other infernokrusher programming languages. Lava, for example, or HotFusion. And of course if you want to krush things really fast, you use disassembly language. A couple of already-extant language names wouldn't even have to be modified, such as Python and C#.]

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