New Kallet/Epstein/Cicone album! (and concert to come)

Back in 2003, I posted about attending a lovely Kallet/Epstein/Cicone concert, filled with their magnificent harmonies. Among other things, that concert was my first exposure to what have become two of my favorite songs, James Gordon's "Frobisher Bay" and Dave Carter's "When I Go." (I've since purchased several albums each by Gordon and Carter.)

And at the time, I lamented the fact that many of the songs they'd performed weren't available on K/C/E recordings.

That has now changed.

The new album is called Heart Walk, and you can listen to the entire album online for free on that page. Not just 30-second samples; the entirety of every song. (Requires Flash.)

If you like what you hear, you can buy the CD for $15.

The album contains three of the songs I mentioned in that old entry: David Dodson's "Farthest Field," Gordon's "Frobisher Bay," and Cindy Kallet's "I'm Gonna Walk" (which is paired with another piece, "My Heart Is Ready"). Those three would probably be good starting points if you're not sure what songs to try.

Good stuff. If you have any interest in folk music and/or nice harmonies, go give the album a listen.

The recording, of course, is not quite as good as hearing them live. Luckily for those of you in the Boston area, the trio is having a CD release concert on Saturday, May 17, in Watertown. If I were going to be in town then, I would totally go.

It'll be at 8 p.m. at the First Parish Church, 35 Church Street, in Watertown. For more info, see the Tremedal Concerts site.

. . . I like the rest of Cindy Kallet's music too--her solo albums, her albums with Grey Larsen and with Gordon Bok. (You can also get some of her albums at the iTunes Store.) I've been a fan of hers since before I first heard her, ever since I first heard Gabby & Joanna sing "Shores of Africa" and "Out on the Farthest Range" at a Swarthmore coffeehouse. But the K/C/E stuff is my favorite. Wonderful wonderful harmonies.

I see that a few songs from their first album, Angels in Daring, are also available for online listening; I particularly recommend "Cold Is the Night," one of my favorites of theirs.

Added later:

Originally, I noted that another of my favorite of their songs, "I'm a Mammal" from their second album, isn't available online. It turns out I was wrong!

This is the lovely and funny song that Kallet wrote after taking flak over breastfeeding her child at a holiday dinner. You can listen to the whole song on the page for Leave the Cake in the Mailbox, her kids' album; and if you don't want that whole album, you can buy the song for 99 cents at the iTunes Store.

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