Happy Mother’s Day!

I meant to post an entry this morning to say:

Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are mothers!

And to those who've been mothers, or expect to be mothers in the next few months, or plan or intend to be mothers at some other future date.

And, as I wrote a few years ago: Sympathies to those who would like to be celebrating Mother's Day as mothers but aren't or can't, and to those who for whatever reason can't or don't want to celebrate it with their own mothers.

Wikipedia, btw, seems to be a little muddled about the history of Mother's Day in the US; in particular, the US section of the article on Mother's Day around the world attributes the beginning of the idea in the US to Julia Ward Howe, but that notion has been removed from the US-specific article. If any of you have reliable sources on the topic, it would be cool if you could go adjust both articles to match each other (and put a note in the Discussion sections to explain what you're doing).

. . . I really do seem to have a remarkable number of friends who are or will soon be mothers. "Remarkable" only in the sense that the number has gone way up in recent years (I think it was about two or three until about five years ago), which shouldn't be surprising but somehow is surprising me at this particular moment.

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