I'm ridiculously far behind on blogging--there are about six movies and six books that I want to write about, a bunch of conversations and kerfuffles to comment on, lots of news items to discuss, many cool and/or cute tidbits to link to.

But I'm unlikely to get to any of that anytime soon, because I have arrived at the Madison Concourse Hotel for WisCon, so I imagine I won't be blogging much for the next few days.

The flight here was blissfully uneventful. The Northwest flights via MSP are about a billion times better than United via Chicago. There was one flight delay (after we were on the plane) of up to ten whole minutes, and no flights were canceled, and the pace was relaxed and leisurely. A thousand thank-yous once again to hhw for the recommendation a couple years ago.

Also, my luggage got off the plane in Madison faster than is humanly possible. I got off the plane fairly quickly after landing, and walked for maybe 5 minutes to baggage claim, and my bag was already halfway around the conveyor. Very impressive.

There were at least 15, and probably more like 25, WisConians on the flight from MSP to Madison. Someone called the Concourse and told them to send every shuttle they had. I chatted a little with Matt W and Leah C while we waited; I also saw Karen J. F., and half a dozen people who I've seen for years at cons but don't know. When the first shuttle was full, Matt selflessly gave us his seat for me, thus making my trip even faster/easier than it otherwise would've been. [Added later: And, it turned out, making his own trip much longer and more annoying. Sorry about that, Matt.]

Arrived at the Concourse, immediately got hugs from David L and Debbie N and Victor R. Got a room key; went up to the 5th floor; discovered that there were two people already in the room I'd been assigned. Fortunately, the door was open and they were fully dressed, so it was immediately clear what had happened and there was minimal embarrassment. I went back to the front desk and got a new room, and of course immediately sat down and checked email and posted this entry.

And now I gotta run--off to see folks.

. . . For the past couple days, I've been kind of uninterested in WisCon. I'm not on any panels (long story), and I've been feeling a little disconnected for a while now. But now that I'm here, it's suddenly exciting again. Yay, WisCon!

The hugs especially helped with that. I'm not in particular need of extra hugs the way I was last year, but I will, as usual, happily accept hugs and back rubs if offered or requested.

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  1. Sarah Totton

    Hi Jed,

    I didn’t want to clutter the SH Inbox with this, but thanks for the personal, detailed comments on my last submission. 🙂


  2. .: hhw :.

    I’m glad NW continues to work out! Every now and then I hear someone say that they’ve had the worst experiences with them, but they continue to work more or less well for me, too.


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